Written Work


A. Erlich, Th. Lessinnes, D. E. Moulton, A. Goriely. A short introduction to morphoelasticity: the mechanics of growing elastic tissues. This book chapter appeared in: Extremely deformable structures. Edited by D. Bigoni, Springer, 2015, p. 269-297.

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A. Erlich, D. E. Moulton, A. Goriely, R. Chirat. Morphomechanics and developmental constraints in the evolution of ammonites shell form. J. Exp. Zool. (Mol. Dev. Evol.) 00B:1–14

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A. Erlich, R. Howell, A. Goriely, R. Chirat, D.E. Moulton. Mechanical feedback in seashell growth and form. Accepted in special issue of the ANZIAM journal on the theme of “Mechanics in Biology”.

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Thesis work

Jul 2013 A study of seashell morphogenesis and its antimarginal ornamentation. Oxford. DTC ten week research project supervised by Dr. Derek Moulton and Prof. Alain Goriely.

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Apr 2012 Instabilities in Dilute Suspension of Self-Propelled Microscopic Swimmers. Cambridge. Part III essay supervised by Prof. Raymond E. Goldstein.

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Aug 2010 Melnikov’s Method and the transition to chaotic behaviour in Cardan-mounted Euler tops. Bremen. Undergraduate thesis supervised by Prof. Peter Richter.

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