Seminar undergraduate talks in Bremen

In my undergraduate physics course in Bremen, we had the opportunity to present papers of our choice during group seminars of our choice. I gave two such presentations in January 2011, on a paper on theoretical neuroscience and another on random boolean networks. Here are the slides and some details:

Theoretical Neuroscience Seminar

My slides are here, the original paper by Gavornik, Shuler, Loewenstein, Bear, Shouval is here. The talk is about a simple network model for synaptic plasticity.

Complex Networks Seminar

I gave an introductory talk on Random Boolean Networks (RBNs). After a brief definition of RBNs I discuss some properties of RBNs and discuss them based on an example of a 5 node RBN (see image below). I created most of the visualisations with the Matlab RBN Toolbox.