Seashell morphogenesis and ornamentation

Quick summary: Preprint here, personal notes here and here.

This post serves as a collection of information and work related to seashell morphogenesis and ornamentation, which is collaborative work with Professor Derek Moulton and my PhD thesis supervisor Professor Alain Goriely at Oxford, as well as Professor Régis Chirat at Lyon.

Currently, we are in the finishing stages of a publication on ammonite ornamentation, extending this recent work by Moulton, Chirat and Goriely. I will add a preprint very soon.

In summer 2013, I wrote this work on antimarginal ornamentation as a ten week research project supervised by Professor Derek Moulton. Prior to that, I wrote some personal notes to get acquainted with the topic, which you can find here and here.

As the topic of seashells naturally generates beautiful images, I am showing a few 3D seashell renderings below.

Photos and 3D renderings of Lambis truncata seashell. Our model captures both the coiling of the shell surface and the finger-like antimarginal ornamentation.

Plots of parametric surfaces serving as foundation for ornamentation (such as ribbing).