schroedingerSolver – numerical solutions of Schrödinger’s equation (stationary case)

You can feed an arbitrary one-dimensional potential into the solver, along with information about the observed interval and discretisation. The program interpolates the potential and solves Schrödinger’s equation numerically in order to obtain an arbitrary number of wave functions, as well as their corresponding energy levels. All of the results are broken up in output files which can easily be displayed graphically. Additionally, a Matlab routine is provided for the purpose of obtaining a neat plot of the results. The program SchroedingerSolver is written entirely in Fortran and uses several LAPACK routines.

This program was co-authored by Andreas Krut. We used the distributed revision control system bazaar(bzr) in order to revise and merge our code.

In the readme (see below) you’ll find detailed instructions on how to compile and run the program, as well as all the necessary prequisites. If you have already set up your workspace, you can make a test compile via

>$ make test_lite


The documentation should give a good idea of how the program works. Also, visit the schroedingerSolver Launchpad developer site, or download a zip file of the repo directly.