Publications & talks


8. A. Erlich. Robust growth termination through local mechanical feedback in the Drosophila wing disc. In peer review, arXiv preprint here
7. A. Erlich, G. W. Jones, F. Tisseur, D. E. Moulton, A. Goriely. The role of network topology, growth laws and mechanics in the dynamics
of cell assemblies. [arXiv preprint here]
6. A. Erlich, G. A. Nye, P. Brownbill, O. E. Jensen, I. L. Chernyavsky. Quantifying the impact of tissue metabolism on solute transport in feto-placental microvascular networks. Inerface Focus (2019) [arXiv preprint here | publisher link here]
5.  A. Erlich, P. Pearce, R. Plitman Mayo, O. E. Jensen, I. L. Chernyavsky. Physical and geometric determinants of transport in feto-placental microvascular networks. Science Advances (2019). [arXiv preprint here | publisher link here]
4.  A. Erlich, D. E. Moulton, A. Goriely. Are homeostatic states stable? Dynamical stability in morphoelasticity. Bull Math Biol. doi: 10.1007/s11538-018-0502-7 (2018) [arXiv preprint here | publisher link here]
3.  A. Erlich, R. Howell, A. Goriely, R. Chirat, D.E. Moulton. Mechanical feedback in seashell growth and form. The ANZIAM Journal, 1-26. doi: 10.1017/S1446181118000019 (2018) [preprint here | publisher link here]
2. A. Erlich, D. E. Moulton, A. Goriely, R. Chirat. Morphomechanics and developmental constraints in the evolution of ammonites shell form. J. Exp. Zool. (Mol. Dev. Evol.) 00B:1–14 (2016) [preprint here | publisher link here | see recent talk here]

This work is featured in Scientific American April 2018 here!

1. A. Erlich, Th. Lessinnes, D. E. Moulton, A. Goriely. A short introduction to morphoelasticity: the mechanics of growing elastic tissues. This book chapter appeared in: Extremely deformable structures. Edited by D. Bigoni, Springer, 2015, p. 269-297. (2015) [preprint here | publisher link here]

Doctoral and Masters thesis

D.Phil. thesis, “Growth Laws in Morphoelasticity”, University of Oxford 2017. [available here]
Instabilities in Dilute Suspension of Self-Propelled Microscopic Swimmers. Cambridge. Part III essay supervised by Prof. Raymond E. Goldstein. [preprint here]

Selected talks

4. Oct 2018 Applied Mathematics Seminar (invited talk), University of Glasgow.
5. Sep 2018 Conference of the UK Fluids Network, University of Manchester.

12. Jul 2018 8th World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin.
26 & 29. Mar 2018 British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (two invited talks), University of St Andrew’s.
22. Mar 2018 Fluids and Materials Seminar (invited talk), University of Bristol.
26. Oct 2017 Applied Mathematics Seminar (invited talk), University of Birmingham.
6. Apr 2016 British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, University of Oxford.
2. Sep 2015 Modelling across the Biology–Mechanics Interface, Castro Urdiales, Spain.
31. Mar 2015 British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Cambridge.